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What is Anger

What is anger actually? Anger is the emotional response. Everyone face situations when they get angry every day. It happens, when they do not get what they wish they frustrated very easily. Different psychiatrists, psychologists and health experts are working on different psychological problems such as depression, stress and conduct problems. These specialists try to help people to control and manage their anger in the best way possible.

When asked what is anger, the common terms associated with the word include loudness, hitting, destruction, put downs, volcano, redness, verbal abuse, yelling, abusing, sarcasm, withholding and tears.

As Lorraine Bilodeau defines anger in her The Anger Workbook, as the internal action that a person knows to name to some external event. Anger not just destroys the personal life of an individual; it has been the cause of various familial problems and disputes as well.

In some instances, people may not realize that they are angry, till something triggers an instant change in mood. If the same has occurred with you, you may have felt that there is no way possible to correct this anger, because you are not sure of where this anger has stemmed out from.

In other words, anger evolves in daily lives of people and a large number of them have undergone this problem. Most everyday issues such as legal discard, school maltreatment, parent child tiffs, teacher child violence, poor grades in school, unachievable goals and personal problems such as: depression, stress, road rage serves to be the common problems to cause “anger”. This negative feeling can be triggered by many factors.

Science has played an important role to define anger, before the time of Sigmund Freud, a number of scientists believed in the fact that there was no biological disposition for anger. But at the end of 19th C, Freud proposed that people were born with innate aggressive emotions, that when neglected can instigate aggressive behavior and hostility.

This proposition was later disregarded when American Psychological Association as well as the America Anthropological Association carefully reviewed various research papers and said that there was no straight sign that anger was predisposed genetically. Also, anger functions as the social regulator that defines social behavior and protects the societal values.

Further, being angry is synonymous with being lively and healthy as well, if taken in a positive sense. People who express no anger are generally not capable to stand up for themselves, cannot achieve their goals and cannot even surpass the obstacles. Anger is thus not just a part of human behavior and nature, it is also useful for the existence of mankind.

Various anger management strategies are available to be used. These include change of environment, using silly humor, avoiding the anger provocative situations and improving the communication process. Remember anger is a normal emotion, it only becomes an anger issue when you start losing control over it. I hope this short article has helped you define – what is anger.


How to Control Your Anger to Get the Most Out of Your Life

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