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Anger Management for Teens

Anger Management for Teens

Anger and angst have really become a defining characteristic for teenagers in today’s society. Numerous different video games and other sources have played a role in increasing the anger inside of teenagers everywhere. In this modern age, as compared to other ages, anger is a very popular problem with teenagers. Years ago, teenagers never had the anger problems that they have now or if they did it was not so obvious. These days, anger management for teens has become very hard to diagnose.

Angry TeenagerUsually anger in teens is thought to be brought out by their parents or by their legal guardians.However, this reason is still one of the more secondary reasons for anger in teens, most teens have learned to deal with their parents at least a little bit. The overbearing nature of some parents or even their strictness causes most teenagers to rebel and push away any help harder than teenagers have in previous generations. It seems with each proceeding generation the teenagers of that generation’s rebel harder than those of previous generations. However these are not the only reasons, the remainder of the reasons why teenagers need anger management are as myriad as the stars. Anger management for teens is taken to control the teens, in my mind this a wrong. Such anger management should result in better understanding of emotions and self awareness.

Anger management can only start when the parents of the teenage realize that there is a problem. Once that happens then parents can begin chartering classes to understanding the roots of the problem. It’s a good idea to take away or at least remove the stimulus that is causing the anger, whatever it is or at least moderate it. If it is a specific person that is causing the outburst or the problem from the teenage, remove this stimulus until the teenager can adequately control their anger. If it is a specific item or object like a video game for instance, remove it so that the teenage can calm down and have an environment that is stable without a stimulus to cause the anger.

There are many different ways to go ahead treating anger in teens besides just enrolling the teenager in anger management. Taking a child to psychologist or therapist should be the last resort. As the guardian of our children we should be able properly teach and show them how to deal with different emotions.. Another very effective method that has been overlooked for years is to simply sit down and talk to your teenager. Many teens “act out” due to changes in their environment or even to get attention from their parents. It would be a great idea to simply sit down and talk with your son or daughter and ask them honestly and sincerely about the problem. A little bit of attention from parents goes a very long way.


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  1. Rebekah

    My kid is always screaming when something doesn’t go his way. what should I do?

    • richard

      Screaming is a natural way for the body to evacuate the excess energy. I would suggest to let your kid scream, but he/she should learn where it’s appropriate to do so. In his/her room maybe? Using a pillow not to disturb people around might be a good idea too. If the behaviour doesn’t seem to be under control, try to consult a therapist. Good luck.

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